Sturdy And Versatile: Bp Mods Lightsaber Kit

The development of today’s technology has brought many conveniences to life, one of which is that you can buy all the vape kits you need just through vape shop online. Whether it is through a mobile phone, a computer, as long as it is a device that can be connected to the Internet, it can be used. This method greatly improves the efficiency of life, and is convenient and fast enough for some users who can’t take the time to go to the offline store. Of course, you don’t need to worry about whether it will be different from the products purchased in the physical store. , after all, they all have quality assurance.

BP Mods Lightsaber Pod Mod Kit can be purchased in the online store, which is the latest product released by BP Mods, a ghost horse e-cigarette brand. Just looking at the product itself, you’ll think it’s very similar to the black pepper seasoning jar we use when frying steak. The middle part is like a corset, just right for you to hold in your hand. The bottom is made of wood, and this decorative wood grain insert feels very new and comfortable in appearance.

The BP Mods Lightsaber Pod Kit comes with a control panel with a small display and two adjustment keys. There are three modes available for operation, Variwatt, Varivolt and Bypass. The built-in battery power of Lightsaber is 1500mAh, which can output 40W of power. When the battery is exhausted, it can be quickly charged through type-c, allowing you to maintain a long standby time. I believe this new product of BP Mods can also bring you a good enough vape experience.

Bp Mods Lightsaber in stock

Brand: BP Mods
Battery Type: Fixed
Weight: 140g
Max Power: 40W
Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
Charge Style: AC/USB
Shipping Type: Built-in Battery

What’s In The Box:
Lightsaber Mod
Pod Tank
MTL Drip Tip
DL Drip Tip
TMD Pro Series of 0.55Ohm and 1.05Ohm
TMD Mesh Series of 0.3Ohm and 0.8Ohm
USB-C cable

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