Gain an Overall Improvement in Mood: KOI CBD Disposable Vape Kit

Here At , our goal is to bring you the best products! Koi has been a market leader since 2015, and CBD enthusiasts around the world trust the company. They offer consistent, compliant quality items that are third-party tested, so you know exactly what you’ve received every time, your assurance.

The Koi CBD Disposable Vape Bar is a great way to enjoy the portability and convenience of a pocket-sized device without the associated fears, stress or care.

Choose from any of their best-selling flavors, all of which contain 100 mg of CBD, to be exact, and have been engineered to provide the most enjoyable experience possible.

The most prevalent vape cbd free shipping effects are a feeling of calm or relaxation that can help you reduce pain or anxiety, as well as make an overall improvement in your mood. At high doses, CBD can produce fatigue or sleep, and conversely, at low doses, it has the opposite effect, increasing alertness. It is believed that most CBD consumers want the following effects:

Mood enhancement
Relaxation or calmness
Anxiety and tension are diminished.
sleepiness (in high doses)
Relieving pain

Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit
Strawberry Milkshake
Tropical Popsicle

KOI CBD Disposable Vape Features:
Amount of CBD: 100 mg
Capacity: 1.3mL of CBD Vape Juice
Puffs: 200 – 300
Battery: 280 mAh
Available flavors: Tropical Popsicle, Strawberry Milkshake and Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit

Keep out of reach of children.
Not intended for use by persons under the age of 21.
Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding.
If you have or suspect a medical condition or are taking any medications, please consult your physician before use.
Contains non-detectable levels of THC (<0.001%).
Do not take this product if you are subject to drug testing.

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